Best Online Store website builders of 2019

The reason to sell products on online platforms is that it is easier and profitable today than ever before. The simple reasons for this are the fact that it is has become increasingly easier and so much faster to build your own online store website as well as the fact that more shoppers are leaning towards the convenience of online shopping. Online selling covers different types of businesses across a wide range of industries as well as all sorts of entrepreneurs. This is not surprising given the general shift and rise of more and more shoppers preferring the online experience and convenience.

Who does not love the convenience of comparing prices of item(s) with a few clicks from several websites to get the best deal possible? Then swiftly make a purchase and have it delivered right to your doorstep in a couple of days. The fact that you can do this from your mobile phone in the comfort of your bed or from your office laptop during that much-needed coffee break is what makes online shopping so irresistible.

Why entrepreneurs are flocking to open an online store website

It is not at all surprising that even brick and mortar stores are jostling for an online space to help drive their sales and services, considering that the forecast for online sales for 2021 will have spiked to $4.8 trillion.
It has now become apparent to even those who were skeptical about online selling that they stand to lose out on a considerable amount of business if they do not join the fray. This is because more people are shopping online and they are spending more money every time they shop in this digital market place.
Online shopping and social media are defining what people buy, as consumers today will look up online reviews of a product, and this will inform their decision to buy or not to buy. Considering that 72 percent of online shoppers are making purchases through a mobile phone, it only makes sense to have an online store to cash in on this new shopping trends.

What online selling platforms should you consider?

The good news is that there are numerous online selling platforms to choose from that are fit for just about any physical or digital product. Below we look at some of the most popular.

1. Shopify

With this e-commerce platform, you can open an online store in minutes. Most online entrepreneurs appreciate this platform because you do not need to know any code to create a website with them. Everything is already in place, and all you have to do is select a template that is most suitable to your online business and uploads your products. There are about a hundred templates to choose from across numerous industries such as fashion, eyewear, furniture, and auto just to name a few.
Although Shopify has built-in features that provide all the basic tools you need to run your store, you can always scale up through Shopify app store that has amazing apps which would make running your business even more easier. Shopify app store has a load of helpful apps to choose from that will help you with marketing, accounting as well as for analytics.
Shopify has several affordable plans to choose from that will most likely meet the needs of most entrepreneurs looking for an easy to set up, professional and reliable hosted online store. Their cheapest plan is Shopify lite at about $9 a month.

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is yet another good option for setting up an online store. There is no coding involved and as such, building your website on this platform is pretty straight forward. With a good number of templates to choose from, you can almost be sure that you will have unique options to work with for a look that complements your brand. This platform is more for those retailers who are looking for an online store with more inbuilt features and less need to shop for apps from their app store. Although BigCommerce app store does have apps that can make your bookkeeping and marketing easier, it is not as loaded as that of Shopify.
The plans offered are affordable with the cheapest being about $29 a month. For an entrepreneur who wants a scalable online selling platform that comes with loaded inbuilt features, BigCommerce will likely work for you.

3. Volusion

For a retailer looking to set up an online store that will be ready to sell as quickly as possible, then Volusion might just be the online selling platform for you. It very user-friendly and the dashboard makes selecting a template and uploading your products a breeze. The dashboard is quite sophisticated; advanced users who are comfortable with coding can take advantage of the complex customization features. The good news is that there is everything in the dashboard that a beginner needs to get set up without any coding.
Their pricing plan is a sure winner if you are looking for a middle to high-end plan as both of these plans are fairer compared to Shopify and Big Commerce. Shopify, however, does have the best cheapest plan in Shopify elite than both for a retailer looking to keep their cost down by using a simple yet reliable and cost-effective online store option.
If you are big on apps, you are likely to be disappointed by Volusion’s app store as it does not have very much to offer in comparison to Shopify.


Of the three online selling platforms, Shopify does emerge as the most popular. Mainly because they do offer a low-cost plan that appeals to most beginners who are just testing the waters of online selling. Their overwhelming template selection does also endear those retailers looking to work with a unique template. BigCommerce, on the other hand, does take the crown for retailers who do not care to buy extra apps as the built-in features provided are rich enough to run their online store without additional apps. 

If you want a snappy yet good looking and reliable web store, then Volusion will work for most retailers. All the above selling platforms are mobile friendly and therefore stand to help your business reach a huge and evolving segment of the online market.

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